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Student journalist covers Madison protests

February 21, 2011


There’s something to be said for being in the right place at the right time, especially if it generates a byline, as it recently did for junior Anna Holmquist. Because of her proximity to the capital, she was able to cover the ongoing protests there for the New Richmond News.

“I worked for the New Richmond News this summer as an intern,” Holmquist says. The paper serves New Richmond, Wis., located about five hours northwest of Beloit, 45 miles east of the Twin Cities. “They called me on Friday because they knew I went to college close to Madison, and asked if I'd want to go cover the protests. I'd been wanting to go anyway, so I said sure! I always love freelance work, and I especially jumped at the chance to cover the historic events in Madison.”

Though she’s written plenty of news stories, Holmquist said the experience of covering the scene unfolding in Madison was a new one. “I'd never been to a protest before. It was a fascinating experience,” she says. “For me, the most interesting party was going into a coffee shop near the capitol. There were union supporters with their signs waiting in line next to Tea Partiers with their signs. People of all different political views were gathered together by the common desire for food and caffeine!”