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MEET: Tom Owenby

February 17, 2011


TO innerName: Tom Owenby
Occupation: Assistant director, Help Yourself Programs
Hometown/residence: Aurora, Colorado/Beloit, Wisconsin
Pets: Violet, the super cat
Hobbies: Romantic walks with a special someone by the Rock River with a slice of Palermo’s Pizza in hand, cycling, reading, running, traveling, soccer, thinking what might have been if Biggie and 2Pac weren’t assassinated.
Favorite meal? Chicken and waffles
What can’t you live without? Laughter, good books, friends, delicious meals from restaurants on wheels
What gets you up in the morning? The sun, the possibility of rainbows, and the furry cuteness of kittens.
Who are your heroes? My parents, Malcolm X, Eric Cantona, Nelson Mandela, and Eleanor Roosevelt
Barry White or Teddy Pendergrass? Barry had the Love Unlimited Orchestra and that deep bass, but Teddy’s trademark growl gives him the slight edge.
What’s your favorite hidden gem here in the area? Apple Hut, Dairy Haus, the bike path over on the west side of town, horchata from Taco Loco, Breakfast at Tiffany’s (serving only on Sundays, from 6 a.m. to noon), watching sunsets from Karris many gems, hidden in plain sight!