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We’re glad to see the snowpocalypse left your wits intact

February 2, 2011


Though several Terrarium staffers managed to crawl, slide, and trudge their ways on to campus during Wednesday’s serious snowmageddon, that doesn’t mean they didn’t want to spend the day trolling the internet, like the rest of you people enjoying your snow days at home. So they did, in order to cull some of the more delightful of the Beloit College community-members’ (alumni, current students, staff) status updates and tweets.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we did, even though there did seem to be an inexplicable preponderance of Star Wars-themed comments:

  • “15 inches of snow doesn't cancel any of my classes? what am I majoring in, being a mailman???”
  • “BLIZZARD CLUB!” and, in later comments, “the password is complain.”
  • “[it’s the] RAPTURE!”
  • Giant Turnoff: People being competitive about the weather. Just sayin.’”
  • “Have fun skiing to class tomorrow, Lord Admiral”
  • “oh, we still have class. way to make it through, wisconsin”
  • “dear blizzard, just who do you think you are??? your wind may have knocked me down and I may have fell once or twice in the knee deep snow to and from the gym, but you didn't stop me from getting my workout on. can't keep a determined sista down. sorry boo.”
  • “If anyone is interested, I'm going on a looting run around 8:00 tonight. All that care for the longevity of their family and friends are welcome to come along to stock up on necessary supplies. Bring a torch or pitchfork.”
  • “arctic blaaaast, take me to narnia and make economics a distant memorrrrrrrry.”
  • “A make-or-break couples’ scenario specific to snow-bound states: pushing one half's car, tires spinning, out of a drift.”
  • “Man, it’s so cold and snowy outside I just might setup a Rebel base and hide from the Empire.”
  • “I just walked home from the Neese and now I understand how Luke felt forging the tundra in The Empire Strikes Back. too bad there wasn't a tauntaun to warm up inside.”
  • “there are imperials in the base. repeat, there are imperials in the-“
  • “blizzard lookin like hoth #starwarsisreal”
  • Taking a walk in the blizzard at 1:00 in the morning wearing nothing more than my long underwear (no pants), coat, gloves and trekking boots just so that I might feel the incredible force of nature -- was NOT a good idea”
  • “Beloit College Staff, especially the Housekeeping, Physical Plant, and Food Services Staffs, you are a bunch of Saints.”
  • “SNOMG/Snowpacalypse/Snowmageddon/BlizzardofOz/SnowtoriousBIG 2011”
  • Sledding last night! The snow was like sand. The best hill was actually down the alley behind our house. But really. Sand-snow. Like the beach for walking across, only many, many more clothes.”