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MEET: Maria Katsoulidis

February 1, 2011


MKName: Maria S. Katsoulidis      
Occupation: Assistant Registrar
Hometown/residence: Greenville, Miss./Roscoe, Ill.
Spouse: Strato
Children: Sophie
Pets: Naomi, a really cute orange tabby who thinks she’s a dog
Hobbies: cooking, traveling, watching the Food Network
What are a few of your favorite things? Blueberry pancakes on Sundays, grilling, Law & Order marathons
What’s on your desert island jukebox? Arcade Fire, Brandi Carlile, Sugarland and the Zac Brown Band
Favorite meal? My husband’s garlicky baked feta, olives, crusty bread and a nice red wine
What can’t you live without? Lavazza coffee
Beatles or Stones? Do I really have to choose?
What do you most look forward to? My daughter’s giggles