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Macademia: It's sort of like Facebook for faculty

January 19, 2011


Macademia, a tool for connecting colleagues who share research interests, already has more than 240 ACM faculty members participating, according to Associated Colleges of the Midwest vice president John Ottenhoff.

As a feature article about Macademia on the ACM website explains, it takes just a few minutes for faculty to register on the site and to list their research interests. The functionality is obvious; by hovering over a name, users are able to see in an instant a particular scholar’s institution, research interests, and contact info. It’s also possible to find people by area of expertise. A new feature, “Calls for Collaboration,” allows colleagues to seek partners for projects. This feature might also be useful to you when seeking out reviewers or experts from ACM colleges.

“And not to be competitive about this, but it looks like two ACM Deans have led the way and signed up for Macademia,” Ottenhoff says. “Who? Enter the site and search for ‘faculty development’ and ‘assessment’ and find the leaders!” (We don't want to give it away, but one of them rhymes with Shmann Shmavies.)