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Citywide snow emergency means no street parking

January 17, 2011


The city's public works department has declared a snow emergency, starting at noon today (Monday) and remaining in effect until 6 a.m. tomorrow (Tuesday).

During this time all vehicles are prohibited from parking on city streets until the storm has passed and the snow has been cleared from the city streets. This does not include the angled parking spaces on College Street.

Additionally, the college has annexed the 700 block of Church Street (the block that includes Cradle Care and LAPC), the 800 block of College Street (by the fraternities) and the 700 block of Clary Street ( by the C-Haus and OEC), so if you are parked legally on those streets, you may remain there during the snow emergency, and parking in the campus's lots is not affected by the snow emergency.

If you have any question, please call security at ext. 2355.


If the owner, or operator, of any vehicle does not attend to its removal, the Beloit Police Department may ticket and/or move said vehicle at the owner's expense so as not to interfere with snow removal and plowing.