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Bookstore brimming with new ‘B’ apparel

January 4, 2011


How do you spell Beloit pride? One letter, one big letter: B.

Beloit ornamentTurtle Creek Bookstore recently started carrying a whole line of items branded with the letter, including mugs, pens, t-shirts, caps, and even a holiday snowflake ornament, which apparently sold like hotcakes—there was only one left on the shelf Tuesday afternoon.

“It was the best-selling (ornament) this year,” said Peter Fronk, the bookstore’s manager. And there’s more coming to the store soon. “We have plans for stickers, and we want to do a pennant with it, for sure. You’ll see it on more and more stuff.

It may be just one simple letter, but really it could stand for any number of Beloit-y things: our Bucs, Beloit College, or even our president, who purportedly is a fan of the newly designed baseball cap emblazoned with the big ‘b.’

Fronk is happy about the new, streamlined design, and credits the athletic department with helping to pump up Beloit pride this past year.

“There’s more school spirit than ever, I think,” he said.

p.s., If you’re in need of a new calendar for the new year, various versions (including the ever-popular Moleskine) are currently 50 percent off at the bookstore—60 percent, if you flash your faculty/staff I.D.