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Snow turtle graces prof's lawn

December 19, 2010


snow turtleStudents aren't the only Beloiters who manage to find interesting ways to kill time during finals week. 

Two professors took advantage of last weekend's immense snowfall by creating an icy monument to one of Beloit's unofficial mascots: the turtle.

"It seemed like an animal that could work given the physics of packed snow (no long appendages, low center of gravity, etc.)  And given that I'm at Beloit, turtles are on the brain," says Daniel Barolsky, assistant professor in the music department.

Neighbor (and philosophy professor) Phil Shields contributed to Barolsky's snow sculpture, aided by some neighborhood kids. 

"I helped him finish it," Shields says. "All my exams were on Monday and Tuesday, so I couldn't start my grading."

The two estimate that it took about two hours total to complete the turtle, though Shields' snow day also included many hours of constructing an elaborate arch at the end of his driveway. To see their handiwork firsthand, take a stroll off campus, about three blocks down Chapin Street.