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Happy Birthday to YOU!

December 17, 2010

Just think - if there was no winter, there could not be a spring. The long winter days can be a very daunting thing. But don't let old man winter get you down and so weary, we have something great to celebrate, many birthdays in January!

Celerating birthdays this January are:

1st          Tom Owenby, Shin Yong Robson

 2nd       David Ellis

 3rd        Lori Sigman

 4th        Shawn Gillen, Jody Nichols, Connie Truesdale

 6th        Christine Nelson

 7th        Michelle Burton, Sherry Monahan, Laura Parmentier

 8th        Bruce Atwood, Peter Kraemer

 9th        Akiko Christison, Pamela Prescott, Jennifer Scott

10th       Jon Urish, Oswaldo Voysest, John Watrous

11th       Carl Mendelson

13th       Heath Massey

14th       Caitlin Bass

16th       Scott Lyngaas, Ranjan Roy

17th       Robert Elder

18th       Bonnie Beeler

19th       Matt Rose

20th       Val Annis

22nd      Jeff Adams, Katie Biscoe

23rd       Daniel Barolsky

24th       Bobbie Conner

27th       Debra Majeed

28th       Sue Risseeuw

31st        Jean Redmond

To our co-workers and friends, Beloit College wishes you a very Happy Birthday!