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NEW on Vimeo (video)

December 13, 2010


A panel of national leaders in entrepreneurship and the liberal arts were at Beloit College on Oct. 26 to discuss “Entrepreneurship and the Liberal Arts in Practice;" video of the event is now available on the college's Vimeo channel. The panel was a part of the third annual Upton Forum on the Wealth and Well-Being of Nations at Beloit College, and included:

Robyne Hart, director of the Entrepreneurship and Society Program within the Associated Colleges of the Midwest

Merton D. Finkler, professor of economics and John R. Kimberly Distinguished Professor in the American Economic System at Lawrence University

Betsy Gatewood, director of the Office of Entrepreneurship and Liberal Arts at Wake Forest University and research professor

The panel was moderated by Jerry Gustafson, the Coleman Foundation Professor in Entrepreneurship at Beloit, and director of the Center for Entrepreneurship in the Liberal Arts at Beloit (CELEB).

Israel Kirzner, emeritus professor of economics at New York University and a leading figure in the Austrian school of economics, was the 2010 Upton Chair and joins the panel at the 1:00:35 minute mark to offer his own thoughts.