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MUSEUM MONDAYS: Bringing community art to campus

December 12, 2010


The Wright Museum isn't just for grown-ups or those on campus, and an upcoming art exhibition sets out to prove that. The third annual Oodles of Doodles Annual Holiday Art Exhibition will take place at the Wright Museum of Art from noon to 3 p.m. Sunday (Dec. 19). Please join the Doodles art staff in celebrating the accomplishments of young artists in the Beloit community during this past year at this free, public event.

 At Doodles, children and adults alike can experience a pop modern art studio, while exploring their creativity in a variety of thematic and or media specific classes. Doodles offers classes in drawing, painting, pastels, sculpting in clay and more, and provides afterschool programs, off-site classes and yearly events such as the Oodles of Doodles art show hosted on the Beloit College campus. To  learn more, visit