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VIDEO: Get your wheels in line!

December 8, 2010

The 48-Hour Film Festival aired with quiet triumph and great cheer after dinner on Nov. 23, where the festival’s one eligible film was projected on the screen in Wilson Theater before a small audience of diehard fans. “Daring to Roll,” a mockumentary directed and edited by Kiralyn Bradford’11 and Signe Midelfort-Vognar’11, took home top honors. “It was a tough fight but the best team won. And it felt darn good,” the directors said.

Bradford and Midelfort-Vognar describe the film as “’Bring it On’ meets ‘Best in Show’ – Beloit style!” Using a series of improvised personal interviews and extended dance sequences, “Daring to Roll” tells the “real story” of Beloit’s intramural chair dancing team and its first big competition against Grinnell.

Get your wheels in line and see the film for yourself. Bradford and Midelfort-Vognar are particularly fond of “Tom Fancaster’s enthusiasm and Sean Keith’s regal impersonation of Jesus,” but other highlights include mustaches, mirror make-outs, miniature donuts, absurd analogies, hair whipping back and forth, and lots and lots of spandex.

The movie stars Tony Baratti’11, Amelia Buzzell’10, Anna “Pip” Carlsmith’11, Sarah Dickinson’11, Parker Gassett’11, Keara Grohens’10, Liz Haan’11, Sean Keith’09, Tom Lancaster’11, Luke McKee’11, and Valdemaras Raisys’11.

The “Daring to Roll” crew would like to note that all chairs were treated with great care and respect during filming and all libations appearing in the film are fake. Please beware of a smattering of profanity; viewer discretion is advised.