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MUSEUM MONDAYS: Boggs back in Beloit

November 28, 2010


1129 sandwich 

After several decades at the Beloit Clinic, two works of art by former faculty member Franklin Boggs were recently gifted to Beloit College.  Boggs, named one of America's leading young artists by LIFE magazine in the 1950s, was Professor of Art at Beloit College from 1945 – 1977.  His works ranged from murals and installations for Wisconsin businesses to paintings commissioned by the US Army during World War II.

The two gifts demonstrate the range of artistic mediums that Boggs employed during his lifetime.  Energy (1983), a large oil on canvas measuring 11 feet by 5 feet, was purchased in 1988 by the Clinic as public art.  The composition of plants, flowers, a heron, and butterflies centers around the sun and speaks to the interconnectedness of the ecosystems.

The second work (Untitled) is a three dimensional resin sculpture influenced by Boggs’ time as a consultant for the Beloit Corporation.  A response to 21st century mechanization, the resin sculpture will soon be on display in the Center for the Sciences.

Other works by Boggs are currently on display across campus.  Academic Bison (1995, oil on canvas) is on exhibit in Weeks Lounge while Enlightenment (1979, bronze) is permanently installed in the Neese Theatre.  The recent gift is a fitting memorial in remembrance of Professor Boggs—he passed away November 7, 2009 at the age of 95.