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The Terrarium wants your art

November 23, 2010


terrarium art 

We here at the Terrarium love art, and we want to feature yours. Whether your craft includes pen and ink or painting or origami or fiber arts, if it can be scanned/photographed, we want to use it: in the main feature photo box, in the banner at the top of the page, on t-shirts, posters, and business cards.

Specifically, we're looking for turtle- and terrarium-themed art. Or squirrels, or Buccaneers, or frisbees, or the mounds, or Scott Bierman, or anything equally Beloitesque but revolving around the central idea of "get in the tank." That tank being the Terrarium.

Questions? Email or call Lynn Vollbrecht at ext. 2615. Submissions ongoing; and can be:

-dropped in campus mail
-emailed to
-dropped off at the Communications & Marketing Office, the dark-red house across from WAC

Fabulous prizes await you!