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Get decked out for a very Beloit family photo

November 15, 2010


Sometimes they light up, sometimes they play music (or just jingle), sometimes they involve glittery puff-paint spelling out the tidings of the season, and often they involve some embroidery. Holiday sweaters: we're embarking on that time of year when they're about to become as ubiquitous as jingle bells and candy canes, and President and Melody Bierman want you to bust yours out and put it on for a funny, Beloit-family photo this Friday.

Everyone's invited to don their favorite holiday sweater and join Scott and Melody this Friday, Nov. 19, on the Eaton Chapel circle at 12:45 p.m. for a quick photo (rain site: inside Eaton). This should only take a few minutes, and cocoa and cider will be served to sweeten the deal.

"This holiday season, Melody and I would like you to join us, as members of our Beloit College family, for our holiday card "family photo shoot,'" President Bierman wrote in an email Monday. "I hope you'll also come wearing your gaudiest holiday gear, be it a blinking Rudolph sweater or tinseled pair of antlers.  After all, we don't only want to wish our colleagues, friends and, yes, competitors, a happy holiday. We also want to have a little fun (and share a smile with those on the receiving end of this mailing)."

Regardless of whether you wear a crazy sweater or not, the important thing is that you show up. And, if a sweater is what you seek, a quick review of local thrift establishments Monday afternoon (Salvation Army, we're looking at you) showed no dearth of selection when it comes to crazy holiday apparel.