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Candidate platforms--elections today!

November 9, 2010

Below are the platforms for Beloit Student Congress candidates, as submitted to the Round Table. Vote online today at the BSC website, starting at 10 a.m. and running through 4 p.m. Thursday.

Presidential Candidates

Gentry Tran
The goal of Beloit Student Congress should be to create a positive influence on campus and within the community, but we mainly focus on Beloit College's needs more so than the community. We need to re-envision and redefine what the “Beloit College” community really is.
There is so much potential within the student body to help the youth and community members of Beloit. As a tutor and as a mentor, I see many students that lack motivation to do well in school. Whether it be social or academic needs, we are not utilizing the power of our education.

I believe that I have the courage, motivation, and initiative to integrate the campus and the community. As the former student council president of my high school, I have gained the knowledge and leadership skills that would create a positive influence within the school and the community. As a current Beloit College student, my participation in Student Support Services, Black Men’s Club, and McNair Scholars Program have prepared me to be open to new ideas, and work with diverse prospectives, so we can bridge the gap between the campus and the community.

Canberk Dayan
During my Beloit College life I have been actively involved within the campus. During my freshman year, I was elected as the president of the International Club and having pleased everyone, I was elected as the president second time and ran for the position in my sophomore year as well. During my freshman year I have created the Table Tennis Club and have been running the presidency since then. As a result of our proposals we managed to buy two brand-new tables and a robopong, which are widely used in the campus by people who are interested in playing table tennis.

On top of all, I created the Multiple Sclerosis Club, which is the first officially created MS Club in the U.S. Having organized one of the biggest fundraisers in the campus, we have raised awareness throughout the community, which was appreciated by the MS Society in Wisconsin and local media such as Beloit Daily News.

Having presided many meetings, organized events and overcame obstacles through teamwork and perseverance, have added much into my leadership skills and experience in dealing with situations.

I believe that through my experiences, I can bring much to this position. Besides all of my experience, being foreign also enables me to look at issues from a wider perspective, which would certainly be useful in this position.

Paul Glennan
I would like to state that I am open to all ideas that come out and that I will continue to ask people what they want to see from Beloit Student Congress. There are many areas that I am interested in, but two areas of issues are communication and listening to the voices. I am for explaining the idea of BSC to other students, what they can do in BSC and that their voice matters. Many students would have signed up for BSC offices if they had been told that they could run, so communication to me is of great importance. I also am concerned with the minority, who feel left out of the loop in terms of activities. I have been offered ideas of what should be brought to campus. I am also for more possibilities of job openings for students in particular, with the library.


For Vice-President

Kathleen Hansen
I am a sophomore running for vice president. Last year, I served on COO (club oversight organization) and the Judiciary Committee as while as regularly representing Yoga Club at BSC meetings. While I am passionate about BSC, I recognize that each person at Beloit holds many wonderful, equally time-consuming passions: music, ultimate Frisbee, loving turtles, academics...the list could go on and on. I would listen and encourage people to speak up when they are interested in an issue, but I would not want to get people to care about BSC when they have other priorities. I want the opportunity to explore my passion in a way that integrates the passions of the multi-interested and multi-talented group of people that make up Beloit College.

Rich Steffensmeier
As Vice President of the Beloit Student Congress I will work to keep BSC an open environment for many ideas to be presented and debated. I promise to keep BSC and all of it’s committees transparent and open to all students, faculty and staff. I promise not to play favorites and work to give anyone with legitimate business a spot on the agenda to present their ideas and projects to the BSC body. I will work with the BSC President to choose student forums that keep the Student body informed in the dealings of the College and to give a voice to the students in such matters.


For Funding Board Director

Xenofon Kontouris
My name is Xenofon Kontouris, I am a freshman and I am running for Funding Board Director in order to continue the successful approach of the previous committees. Within this semester I have been an active member of both the Budget and the BelFAST Oversight Committee. I have therefore gained experience from both committees that will help me achieve the goal I have set for my Funding Board Director period; which is to divide equally and well BelFAST funds to the clubs.

In other words, I am running with justice as my method and new ideas as my goal. With the combination of the two I believe that we will together create a better campus, and our time here will become far more interesting. Further, I plan to bring fresh personal ideas to the executive board. These ideas and plans will have taken in consideration the highest number of different points of view in order to be as objective as possible. Finally, I plea to the students of Beloit college to vote and support me in order to provide the maximum possible benefit to the campus.

For Programming Board Director

Amani Edwards
As Programming Board Director, I hope to bring more fun, educational, and multi-cultural events to campus. After working in the student activities office for a year and being an RA for almost a semester, I have experience with programming, advertising, and also using budgets properly to fund projects and events. There have been numerous speakers and performers on campus, as well as events hosted by individuals or school organizations, but I hope to bring in more of these events, including festivals, showcases, and even smaller music or educational venues they may also spur Beloit community interests.

As programming board director, I will listen to the concerns and opinions of the student body and plan events that build upon and improve the diverse, educational, and fun environment of Beloit College.