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Randomly generated bands to play Song-a-Thon

November 3, 2010


The First Annual Song-a-Thon is coming to C-Haus this weekend!

The 40 participating musicians received their new bandmates’ identities in their campus mailboxes Wednesday. Organizer Spencer Bible ’12 says members of Music Club were in great spirits as they randomly selected groups and decorated envelopes. The bands will have a total of 72 hours to write an original song for tomorrow's Song-a-Thon performance at C-Haus.

Most bands won’t reveal their identities until the big show. “It was hard keeping a few of the juicier groups to myself,” Bible says. “I honestly think every group will be a surprise. Just seeing some people next to each other will be a head trip.”

Songwriters were encouraged to sign up even if they can’t play an instrument, and the Song-a-Thon has no length, content, or theme requirements – the only rule for what you’ll see at C-Haus on Friday, then, is that anything goes.

“It’s just a great concept,” Bible says. “People get together with new personalities, meet in the middle, make a song, and show it off. Beloit is such a small campus that most people will know all the faces on that stage. It’s an experiment in context, in new associations.”

The Song-a-Thon begins at 9 p.m. Friday (Nov. 5) at the C-Haus.