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Scenes from a Slow Food Club dinner

November 3, 2010

co-op dinner 

Scenes from a random Tuesday night at the new Slow Food Dining Co-Op: Pasta with walnuts and vegetables (including bizarrely delicious brussels sprouts!), leafy green salad with simple vinaigrette dressing, fruit salad, gorgeous bread from the Co-Op's breadwinner extraordinaire Elizabeth Makarewicz '11, and decadent dessert from Madeline Kramer '12 that diners described as "fudge covered in cookie."

co-op breadCo-op members and a few guests gathered around the French House dining room table family-style and discussed Co-op housekeeping business (led by ringleaders Clara Baker and Kate Parsons'13), future menu choices based on their remaining CSA share (an anonymous diner shouted "[curse] winter!" before ultimately brainstorming something delicious), whether any of the decorative gourds on the table are edible (no), and Dean Ann Davies' upcoming visit.

"So make something really tasty," ordered one Co-op member. Everyone laughed. "Because the stuff we make now isn't?" someone ribbed back. The table fell silent as everyone resumed stuffing their faces with their fresh, local supper.