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Get your "I Voted" sticker today!

November 1, 2010


It’s election day in Wisconsin – do you know how to find your polling place? Or how to register once you get there?

If you’re a student, chances are you’ll want to head to the basement of First Congregational Church at 801 Bushnell St., just a block away from campus on the corner of Church and Bushnell streets. If you live off campus, or are a faculty or staff member living in Beloit, visit the city’s website to determine your ward and polling place.

The state of Wisconsin also offers online information about how to find your polling place at its Voter Public Access website.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Beloit City Clerk Carol Alexander says voters should “be prepared to wait.”

Wisconsin has same-day voter registration, meaning that if you’re not voting absentee in your home state, you can register right at the polls, here in Beloit. For Beloit College students, this means all you need to bring to the polls is your Beloit College I.D, Alexander says. “We have the Beloit College certified list from the Registrar’s Office,” she added. Poll workers will check the name on your I.D. against that official list. Remember: every time you change addresses (if you move off campus, or want to vote absentee in your home state) you will need to re-register.

So: you know where to vote, and how to register, but do you know for whom you want to cast your ballot? The Beloit College Democrats and Beloit College Republicans have thrown their bipartisan support behind the League of Women Voter’s Guide to the 2010 Beloit Elections.

And, of course, if you take a picture of yourself with your "I Voted" sticker, or have a photo of yourself working on election day, send it to us at -- we'd love to see it.



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