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Phys Plant: Shedding a little light on the situation

November 1, 2010


If you've noticed an increase in illumination on campus in recent weeks, you have Phys Plant to thank:

-WAC received a new light on the north and south sides of the building
-The chapel received a new light on the north side.
-There will be new lights on the South East corner of Smith in a effort to light up the walk towards Pleasant Street. 

According to Michael Brady, director of physical plant, "We changed the lighting behind Pearsons, with brighter, more-efficient fixtures saving approximately 800 watts of power. The lights on WAC and the chapel are the same efficient lights."

New lights for the library should be arriving in about two weeks.

After delays--due to last week's extreme wind--the M.I. roofing project is back on. "You can see the new roof starting to take shape," Brady says. "We have received a number of positive comments about how it looks." (Inside tip: next big roofing project will probably be library, though that won't be happening this academic year.) The wind storm also did a lot of damage to the roof of 725 Chapin ( Buffalo House). 

Additionally, the College Street project is winding down with only a few things left to accomplish:

-Railings should be going up at the library, Presidents House and the chapel in the next two weeks.
-There will be a limestone veneer going over the lower portion of the chapel patio wall in the next week or two.  
-Approval is pending for the Beloit Fire Department to okay break-away bollards that will be placed on College and Chapin streets and College and Emerson streets. Once approved, it will take a few weeks to get it here and installed.