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The voodoo that you do so well

November 1, 2010


Voodoo Barbie drew quite a crowd (below) for its annual Halloween show this past weekend. 



voodoo3And: the group debuted two new members! Above, from the left, Mark Coogan '12, Sam Isenstein '11, Jade Daugherty '11 (Catwoman), Amelia Buzzell '10 (Annie Hall), Bert Connelly '13 (A former Chilean miner who now works at Chili's), and new Barbies Ben Vogt '14 (Benjamin Franklin) and Phoebe Sherman '14 (Furby). Welcome, Ben and Phoebe! 

voodoo2Above, Mark Coogan '12, dressed as his dad for Halloween, begins a game of Dr. Seuss with Sam Isenstein '11 ("Deadtroit"). Both actors hope the audience was very, very sorry for offering up only scatological humor when asked for scene suggestions.