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VIDEO: Trick

October 29, 2010


This Halloween, Mariana Lindsay'09 will be going door to door, in costume, but it won't be candy she's asking for.

Rather, she'll be asking for votes.

Lindsay is working with the Trick or Vote project, founded in 2004 in Portland, Ore., her hometown. Costumed volunteers like Lindsay knock on doors, reminding people to vote, distributing nonpartisan voter guides, and generating both grassroots and media awareness just before the election. She and a colleague were recently interviewed about the project on Fox News--dressed as a cowboy and the bride of Frankenstein, respectively.

"Back in 2006, I started out as a volunteer with the Bus Project, a Portland-based non-profit group that started Trick or Vote," she explains. "After I graduated college, I participated in their fellowship program for young leaders and then got hired on to work in their fundraising department. The Bus Project helped start the Bus Federation, which now runs Trick or Vote nationally."

This year, she added, there will be over 80 Trick or Vote events all over the country, including one in Madison

"People just--they think it's a hoot," Lindsay said in the Fox segment.