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Would a president by any other name...

October 29, 2010 as awesome? It's no secret that the man at the helm of our institution was affectionately dubbed "Scotty B." in his first year at Beloit, and now the moniker has gained note in Tweed, the Chronicle of Higher Education's light-hearted blog about the more humorous aspects of academe.

In the comments of an Oct. 15 post, "Move over A-Rod and J.Lo. Meet A-Gut, Dspar, and J-Sex," our president received a mention. 

The blog's author wrote, in an update to the post in the comments section: 

 dtroop - October 15, 2010 at 6:38 pm

Apparently Graham Spanier actually IS called G-Span. Here are several that just showed up in the e-mail:

Syracuse — Chancy Nancy (Nancy Cantor)
Coastal Carolina — D.A.D (David A. DeCenzo)
Ball State — JoGo (Jo Ann M. Gora)
Penn State — G-Span (Graham Spanier)
Columbia — Prezbo (Lee Bollinger)
Beloit — ScottyB (Scott Bierman)
GWU — The Knapper (Steve Knapp)
Fordham: DaddyMac (Joseph MacShane)
U Pitt: Nordy (Mark Nordenberg)
CUA: Father O (Father David O’Connell)