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Happy Birthday to you!

October 28, 2010

Beloit College employees celebrating birthday's in November are:  

1st Maria Morua

 2nd  Alexander Hall

 4th  Bill New

 5th  Csilla Macsari, Dan Shea,

 6th  Rosalina Moreno, Shane Niman

 11th Darrah Chavey, Kandi Schmoldt

12th  Kristin Frey, Tom Halverson

13th  Scott Lineberger

14th  David Schneider

15th  Rhonda Najdowski

16th  Betsy Brewer  

18th  Demetrius Gravis, Bruce Hamilton

19th  Doug Henthorn, Holly Peters

20th  Bill Flanagan, Angela Yerk

22nd  Mark Klassen

25th  Lisa Anderson-Levy, Angela Davis

26th  Kim Morson

28th  Sandy Fordell

29th  Amy Sarno

30th  Maria Anaya, Tasha Bell, Curtis Grim

A warm birthday wish from all of us to all of you. Thanks for doing the job that you do. It's great to work with those who make us smile; you help us realize that each working day is worthwhile. May you have many more years of happiness and success ahead. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!