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Three basses, a tuba, and no thongs? The Song-a-Thon is coming!

October 27, 2010


The First Annual Song-a-Thon is coming to campus! Next week student groups will spend 72 hours with randomly matched band members, writing new songs to be performed at C-Haus.

“Originally it was called the First Annual Song- A-Thong, but we decided to drop the ‘g’ due to issues of taste,” jokes organizer Spencer Bible ’12.

No musical acumen? Never picked up an instrument? No problem. 

“We have no idea what instruments people are going to play. In fact, people are encouraged to sign up even if they can’t play anything,” says Bible. “Writing a song is like using a pogo stick; to those who haven’t tried, it looks crazy, but once you make a few attempts you can find your balance.” 

This is how it works: On Thursday (Oct. 28), members of the Music Club will draw names out of a hat and put them in groups of four. Participants will receive a note in their campus mailbox next Wednesday (Nov. 3) identifying their randomly-selected new bandmates. The groups then have until Friday, Nov. 5 to write one song, which they will perform during campus band night at C-Haus. 

The deadline to participate in the Song-a-Thon is 7 p.m. Thursday (Oct. 28); to sign up, email Bible at

“It may end up that there are groups with three bassists and a tuba. That’s a good thing,” Bible says. “There’s no required length, content, or theme… We just want people to enjoy the process of making something musical and performing it for their friends.” 

Bible added that nearly 40 people have already signed up--don't be the one to miss out.