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Meanwhile, down at the bookstore...

October 20, 2010


Is it weird to be thinking of spring when we have yet to see the first of winter flurries? Not at the bookstore, where everyone's planning for next semester.

Take note: the bookstore will begin returning textbooks for the fall semester later this week--all used textbooks will be gone by Oct. 23, and all others by Nov. 13.

As far as next semester is concerned--that's right, Spring 2011--the bookstore reports it has already received 18 percent of all text book orders, and thanks those of you who so promptly submitted those orders.

For those who have not submitted your book orders, please email manager Peter Fronk:

Estimated Enrollment, or Max Enrollment
Is this a continuation course?
Book Title(s)
Edition & ISBN Number
Required, Recommended, or Go To Class First
Include any other pertinent information.

* Remember *
The store does not have the Spring 2011 term set up on its site, but Fronk says once they receive the final schedule from the Registrar's Office, it'll be up within 48 hours.