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“Brake for Beloit” (and fellow turtles)

October 13, 2010

Through a series of postcards, bumper stickers, and emails, Beloiters are being reminded of the key role the Beloit Fund plays in keeping Beloit strong. The Beloit Fund has been charged with raising $2.5 million by the end of this fiscal year—May 31, 2011. That’s an 11 percent increase over last year’s goal, and it can only be done with your help. Visit; you’ll get regular updates on Beloit Fund gifts as they happen, and you'll see what gifts “buy” in real dollars. When you “Break for Beloit,” your gift—large or small—makes an immediate impact for all Beloiters.

(Your gift also removes you from this semester’s Phonathon list of calls being made by Beloit students to raise funds for the college.)