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Club awards Prez honorary membership

October 12, 2010


Bierman, our Beloit College president, is now more than just a board-breaker, a talent demonstrated at his Spring Day performance in April. He’s now the proud owner of an honorary black belt and dobok, courtesy of the college’s Martial Arts Club.

Bierman bowRecently, the club gave Bierman an honory black belt and his own martial arts uniform (the dobok), in order to “symbolize that you are forever a member of our team,” according to a proclamation by club president Christophe Shea’11. Shea said that Bierman’s support was integral in the club’s fundraiser for the Stateline Boys & Girls Club last spring – intending to raise $200, they were able to collect nearly a cool grand to benefit the organization, including nearly $100 during the Spring Day Demonstration.

“It means a lot to a club to get support from anywhere, but the fact that the president of the college has acknowledged the club and even participated in one of the events really means a lot to me, both as a club leader and simply as  a student of the college,” Shea says. The club’s faculty advisor, Assistant Professor of Biology Micho Gravis, says that Bierman was, “as always, a great sport for participating.”

Photos of from the Martial Arts Club’s presentation to the president are now up on Facebook.

The Martial Arts Club meets every Wednesday at 6 p.m. for curriculum classes and physical training, every Friday for self defense, and every Saturday for advanced techniques, tournament training, and demonstration martial arts. The club has is currently preparing for three tournaments in November.