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LAST CHANCE: Update your emergency info this semester

October 12, 2010

On Sept. 15, Beloit College tested its new emergency alert system by sending e-mail and phone alerts to all students, faculty and staff.  After a review of the process, we’ve made a decision to expand coverage to include more layers of contact, thereby increasing the possibility that messages will be promptly received.  This will be accomplished by making some minor changes to our contact structure. These changes include:

Utilizing cell phone numbers as main emergency contact lines. While all office numbers will be included in the system, cell phones will be the main vehicle for receiving text and voice alerts. Adding a field for secondary emergency contacts. Faculty and staff will be allowed to designate an alternate emergency contact number (different from office and cell phone numbers).  

To make these changes, we’re once more asking all employees and students to update their emergency contact information by October 18.  It’s quick and easy to do. |

To add your cell phone number:
Login to Datatel/Web Advisor.
Select “Address Change” under the “Employee Profile” heading and check your information.
ADD your cell phone number to your profile and select “CELL” in the pull down box to the right (even if it is your primary phone and you do not have land line service).
If you wish to add a second emergency number (including a spouse’s mobile phone number) please input that choice and select “EMR2” in the pull down. (Note: this secondary number will only receive phone messages. Text messages can only go to the main “CELL” listing.)
Click “Submit” to save your updates. 

Please review your information and make any changes by Friday, Oct. 18.  If you have any questions, please contact Terri Dahl at or extension 2630. For easy access, use the WebAdvisor Link: