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Celebrating Hispanic heritage on campus

October 11, 2010


Did you know that National Hispanic Heritage Month runs through the end of the week? 

Installations focusing on significant Latina/o texts, a historical timeline of prominent events/figures that have impacted the Latina/o community in the United States and the commemoration of Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) are currently on display in the library. 

You also have a chance to contribute to the celebration of Hispanic heritage on campus: On the afternoon of Sunday, Oct. 31 Beloit College will celebrate The Day of the Dead, and you are invited to join in! 

In the next few weeks, simply find a photo or memento of a person you love who has passed on, so you can add it to the campus Day of the Dead altar to be built in the Science Center on the 31st.  Maybe over fall break you’ll find something at home and bring it back to campus, or you can make something; oftentimes people will bring a favorite food of the deceased. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  it’s likely but not guaranteed you’ll get your memento back after the event, so please don’t bring anything you can’t part with.  

El Dia De Los Muertos is celebrated most famously in Mexican cultures but is known widely around Latin America.  It’s a time to celebrate and remember deceased loved ones with the creation of an altar on which are placed photographs and other mementos of the deceased, fruit, flowers, candles and special bread prepared for the occasion (called "Pan de Muertos"). Though it may sound morbid or gloomy, it’s actually a festive and colorful holiday. The idea is to party and spend time in the presence of deceased friends and family members.  

Keep your eyes open for details (yummy local tacos, amazing mariachis) of this event after fall break. This may just be a party unlike any you’ve attended!