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Senior class perk: Pizza with the President

October 8, 2010


pizza turtleOn Wednesday of last week, the first of many Pizza with the President events took place at the presidential residence on the corner of Chapin and College streets. More than 30 fourth-year students attended the event. All attendees received invitations a few weeks ago featuring a turtle in a chef’s hat, hoisting a pizza, and wearing colorful socks only a Bierman could love (the prez has a well documented love for gaudy socks).

Didn’t get an invitation to dine with President Bierman and wife Melody? Not to worry. Louise Denk, longtime secretary in the president’s office, says every senior will eventually get an invite, and every dietary preference can be accommodated. The science behind the invitation list? There isn’t one, Denk says. “Totally random. I go down the list and pull off a new name every few people until, through the course of the year, everyone’s been included.”

The next pizza party is coming up next month. Seniors, watch your mailboxes.

In case you were wondering, the most popular pizza at the meet and greets is onion and pineapple. "I'm not kidding," Denk says. "A student suggested it early last year and it has been a big hit."