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Economics prof Joshua Hall edits book on cutting costs in higher ed

October 6, 2010

Joshua Hall

Joshua C. Hall, Assistant Professor of Economics and Management at Beloit College, is the editor of a new book titled Doing More With Less: Making Colleges Work Better. The book is a collection of papers by economists which examine the various strategies for cutting costs and improving productivity in higher education in the United States.

With recent rising costs and falling graduation rates—nearly one third of full-time students fail to receive a bachelor's degree within six years of enrollment—the productivity and affordability of higher education has become a popular issue for debate within the national media. Recognizing this debate, Hall approached a number of top economists to discuss topics such as financial aid, athletics and academia, and the overall organization of universities and university systems, with the aim of outlining paths toward economic and practical reform.

 “Like the housing bubble, many scholars were pointing fingers at the subsidization of higher ed as creating a similar bubble,” says Hall. “Politically, however, it seemed to me that subsidization of higher ed was not going away, and the more interesting question was how colleges and universities could be reformed on the margin.”

Hall, who joined the Beloit College department of Economics and Management in 2007, teaches and researches in the area of applied microeconomics, including urban economics, public finance and the economics of education. Formerly an economist for the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress, he has an extensive background in writing for scholarly audiences as well as for policy makers and citizens. In addition to authoring numerous articles and reviews, he assists with the production of the annual Economic Freedom of the World report.