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Some like it hot, some like it cold: a word from Phys Plant

October 4, 2010


Some (Physical Plant) would like to remind you that the weather is tetchy this time of year. 

The campus heat has not been turned on yet for the season, fyi, and here's why: Mother Nature likes to play tricks with us at that time of year, especially in Wisconsin. Nights may be cooler but days can still warm up very nicely. Once the A/C is turned off, it will stay off; the college heating/cooling system is not able to toggle back and forth. Therefore, please keep windows closed at night and dress a little warmer for the cooler days. When it's sunny, keeping your shades open during the day will warm things up very well in the meantime.

Phys Plant will continue to monitor the weather and notify you when they have turned on the heat; they definitely appreciate your understanding.