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Happy Birthday to you!

October 4, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our friends and co-workers celebrating birthdays this month. Beloit College wishes you all the great things in life and we hope your special day brings you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.

 1st   Brian Bliese, Megan Fitch
 2nd  Heather Pelzel, Sue Rudolph, Susan Ryytty
 3rd   Robert Hodge, Scott Schleis, Denzil Showers
 5th   Eudora Shepherd
 6th   Paul Stanley
 9th  Joshua Hickman
10th  Rachel Ellett, Marian Moore
11th  Phyllis Olmstead
12th  Aurora Chang-Ross
13th  Phyllis Jensen
21st  Amy Shell-Gellasch, Lisa Viezbicke
22nd Linda Nelson
23rd  Matt Tedesco, Patricia Walters
24th  Staci Ambrose, Debra Haun
25th  Michael Barajas, Roc Ordman, Oleg Proskurnya, Larry White
26th  Bill Brown, Jedidiah Rex
28th  Paula Simms
29th  Heather McLean
30th  Greg Buchanan, Robin Hoefer         
31th  Adam Dinnes