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MEET: Cassy Greig

September 30, 2010


GriegName: Cassy Greig (Catherine if you want to be fancy).
Occupation: Area Hall Director for ResLife, Beloit ADE Coordinator, Greek Advisor.
Hometown/Residence: I have no hometown really. Born in Scotland and started my life as a rover. I currently live on campus.
If I could be reincarnated I would like to come back as: A constellation. I'd like to hear what tall tales people would invent about how I was once a mere mortal and was cast into the stars as a punishment for some misdeed I'd committed as a human.
My top three fantasy dinner p arty guests are: Sir Thomas Moore, Sir Elton John and Jean Toomer (look him up if this one is unfamiliar to you).
The talent I would most like to have is: Public speaking with flourish, and without nerves.
The three items I'd take along in my desert island backpack (with the assumption that food/water are taken care of) are: A very large notebook (with built-in pen so I don't have to count them as separate items), the quilt my Mom made for me, and toothpaste (gotta have clean teeth).