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GLBT and Christian?! Why Not?

September 29, 2010


Who says being GLBT and Christian have to be mutually exclusive?

The Rev. Tisha Brown, pastor of Community of Hope United Church of Christ in Madison will explain, "how I've come to embrace who I am as a lesbian, disciple of Jesus, pastor, woman and partner" tonight at 7 p.m., in the Moore Lounge of Pearsons Hall. There will be time for dialogue with the Rev. Brown after her talk.

Faith and Reason is a new series sponsored by the Spiritual Life Program. The old Latin motto of Beloit College is Scientia Vera Cum Fide Pura, which means “true knowledge with pure faith.” The purpose of this series is to explore some of the many ways individuals bring the intellectual and spiritual, the rational and faithful together in their personal and academic lives at the college. 

Many at Beloit assume that reason and faith cannot coincide, that they are polar opposites, but others among us see no contradiction. Over the academic year the Spiritual Life Program will invite professors, students, and several speakers from off- campus to share how they incorporate faith and reason into their daily lives. The intention is to complicate the easy categorization of faith and reason as opposites, and to support the many Beloit College students who are already developing their own ways of uniting the intellectual and spiritual in their hearts and minds.