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MEET: Bob Hodge

September 28, 2010


hodge mugName: Bob Hodge.
Occupation: Head women's tennis coach.
Hometown/Residence: Grand Rapids, Mich.; current residence is Vista, Calif.
What can’t you live without? A large number of supportive friends – the older one gets the more important friendship becomes.
Who are your top three fantasy dinner party guests? Benjamin Franklin, Franklin Roosevelt, Babe Ruth.
Who are your heroes? Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela.
What’s the number one thing on your bucket list? To visit one hundred or more countries – I’m at 65 now.
Proudest moment? The day that Ioulia Lebedeva won the Midwest ITA Regional Tennis Tournament and Tanya Kopylora came in second out of 64 players, and then they won the doubles championships, thereby qualifying for the national tournament. They had to beat various excellent Gustavus Aldophus players to win.