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FAC/STAFF: RSVP for Monday's "Thinking with Numbers"

September 23, 2010


If you plan to attend Monday's "Thinking with Numbers" session (the fourth and final session; invite copied below) and haven't yet replied, please take a moment to do so now by emailing Be sure to indicate your sandwich choice as well as your preference for chips or pretzels in your message.

Session 4: Monday, Sept. 27, 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. in SC 349 (room change!)


Continuing the Conversation:  Where do we go from here?

 During the last session faculty members shared ways to visualize data and emphasized the idea that it’s important to design good assignments so the visualizations are not just “dazzling,” but also meaningful. The presentations and other suggested sites will once again be posted to our Moodle site (“Thinking with Numbers” (listed as a PSYC course  

In this final session of the series we will start to brainstorm about where to go from here. We will discuss what we want students to be able to do when they enter Beloit, when they leave Beloit, how we get there from here, and how we know that our students are developing the skills and abilities we think they should. We’ll also consider whether we think using a developmental model is a good idea (e.g., beginning, mid-level, and upper-level quantitative experiences).

Whether you can attend or not, if you have topics you think we should be sure to include in our discussion, please send them along to Alexis Grosofsky at

Once again, sandwiches will be provided by Atlanta Bread Company courtesy of our Teagle grant.  Please indicate your choice of sandwich when you RSVP:  turkey, ham, chicken salad, tuna salad, roast beef, or veggie. Also, please indicate whether you prefer pretzels or chips.

We hope to see you there. 

-Alexis (for the group bringing you these sessions:  Darrah Chavey, Marion Fass, Alexis Grosofsky, Chuck Lewis, and  Mark Wold)