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Second Annual Giving Day a Great Success

The Beloit College community is generous and showed its heart and soul during its second annual Giving Day on Wednesday, April 20, 2016. In just 24 hours, the college raised over $65,000 from more than 450 supporters.

Not only did the gifts far surpass the original goal of $25,000, the event also raised $25,000 more than last year. Beloit is touched by the fantastic response received from supporters and is grateful to be backed by such a strong foundation of alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends. These gifts help make ‪#‎BeloitPossible for the next generation of Turtles, Bucs, and Beloiters.

The unconditional support, enthusiastically offered by our alumni, parents, and friends is a tribute to the character of our community, and the value that we all collectively recognize in the mission we seek to advance. We at Beloit are privileged to have a community so willing to invest in the future of our great institution, and our students. For this, we are grateful,” said Mark Wold’95, Senior Director of Alumni & Parent Relations and Annual Support.

Thank you to all who supported Beloit College’s second annual Giving Day. As College President Scott Bierman often says, it’s “turtles all the way down.”

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FAC/STAFF: In the weeds, library-style

September 20, 2010 at 9:10 am


via the library staff:

The library staff invites faculty and staff to participate in its weeding/withdrawal
project. Although the thought of weeding the library's collection is
painful to many, it's an absolute necessity given space
constraints. Your input is vital so we hope you'll participate in the

What types of materials are being weeded?
Most weeded materials are books and VHS videos - there are no cds or
lp's being offered this time.  Although you'll find materials on many
subjects, the majority of the titles are in the areas of social and
legal studies, literature, geography and biography. You'll also find a
selection of reference materials.

Librarians carefully selected the titles to be weeded using the
following criteria:

1. have another copy, duplicate copy no longer needed;
2. have a later edition of the title, earlier edition no longer needed;
3. have more up-to-date sources for this same information;
4. shows infrequent circulation or no circulation for sustained period
of time;
5. no longer relevant to the curriculum;
6. have in electronic format.

Donated materials not added to our collection are also available for
your review. There are materials in most subject areas on these

How can faculty and staff members participate?
Faculty and staff are invited to come to the Library to review the
weeded materials today through Friday (Sept. 24).

The primary purpose for your review is to ensure materials identified
for weeding aren't needed to support the curriculum. Librarians have
carefully selected the materials to be weeded based on our knowledge
of the curriculum and the criteria above. We are enlisting your help
to ensure that we haven't missed something!

A second reason for your review is that you have an opportunity to
identify and mark titles you'd like to keep for your personal
collections! Here's what you do:

1. the titles to be reviewed are located on the library lowever level
on the eastern-most shelves. These shelves are on the outside wall of
the Archives. Special signs have been posted identifying the shelves.

2. a small adhesive dot is affixed to the spine of each weeded volume.
The dot color indicates the reason the title was identified for
weeding. The dot colors will be explained on signs posted near the
shelves. The books are arranged by dot color (or reason for weeding)
and then sorted roughly by call number. Donations not added to the
collection are located on other shelves in the same area but the dot
color system was not used for these materials and they're in no
particular order on the shelves.

3. if you would like a particular volume retained in the collection
please fill out a blue slip with your name, note your reason for
retaining it, and place the slip inside the volume. PLEASE RETURN ALL
so others may also see them. Remember that our
collection is largely built to support the college's curriculum.

4. if you would like to “save”; a title for your personal collection,
please fill out the bottom section of the same blue slip, include your
name, and place the slip inside the volume. PLEASE RETURN ALL VOLUMES
TO THE SHELF so others may also see them.

5. No one should take any volumes out of the Library at this time.
RETURN ALL VOLUMES TO THE SHELVES so others may also see them.

Then what happens?
Library staff will review all titles marked for retention and make
final decisions. Titles to be saved for personal collections will be
separated out. If there are multiple requests for a title, library
staff will flip a coin to decide who gets the title. A request to
retain the volume for the collection trumps a request for a personal
collection. Faculty and staff will be notified when to come and pick
up the titles they've marked for their personal collections. As a last
step, we'll announce an all-campus up-for-grabs of the remaining

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please don't
hesitate to contact Technical Services Librarian Joel Paulson at