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On occasion of 80th birthday, M-I gets an upgrade

September 15, 2010

The physical plant at Beloit will soon begin replacing the roof on Morse-Ingersoll Hall-- a roof the team over in Smith Building believes may be more than 80 years old (MI was dedicated Oct. 20, 1930). Work is slated to begin the week of September 27, immediately following reunion.

The project, which will replace the entire roof, has been pending while waiting for specific roofing material to materialize, a budget line to become available, and while coordinating the start and completion with the contractor. With all now squared away - and with construction winding down on the College and Emerson Street expansions, and only two more weeks to go on the library and Eaton Chapel projects -- the roof is getting razed and rebuilt.

The whole project is expected to take just 5 or 6 weeks. With any luck, the whole affair will be over in time for the first snow fall.

Stay tuned. Oh -- and watch where you're walking!