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Beloit College recognizes Jewish High Holidays and Muslim Eid

September 8, 2010

Jewish and Muslim students, faculty and staff will very soon be observing some of the most important holidays in their respective traditions.  Please be mindful of their celebrations.

For Jews, the Ten Days of Awe begin with Rosh Hashanah at sunset today, September 8th, and conclude with Yom Kippur on Friday-Saturday, September 17-18th.  Rosh Hashanah, which lasts through tomorrow,  is the new year in the Jewish calendar.  Yom Kippur, also called the Day of Atonement, is focused on repentance and forgiveness in order to re-establish oneness with God; it starts at sunset on Friday, September 17th and goes through Saturday, September 18th.  There are restrictions against work for both of these holidays, along with some food restrictions and special worship throughout.
For Muslims, Eid al-Fitr, the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, will occur starting at sundown tomorrow, September 9th.  While there are work restrictions this day, the focus is on joyous celebration of this Feast of the Breaking of the Fast.

If you would like to know more, ask a Jewish or a Muslim friend.  Or go to the Spiritual Life Program website.

If you are Jewish and would like information about local religious services, go to the website of  Congregation B'nai Abraham in Beloit or of the Jewish Federation of Rockford. If you would like a ride from campus to services in Beloit, please contact Regina Willensky, President of Beloit’s Am Yisrael-Hillel club.