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FAC/STAFF: Student timesheets due today

September 3, 2010


Student time sheets are due today.  Please verify the following before you send them to the Payroll Office.

  • All students who worked for your department on or after August 24 appear on the Students OK to Work list.
  • Your department has provided a job description for each position you are submitting time sheets for.
  • The position title listed matches the title in the job description.
  • All the blanks on the top of the time sheets are filled in.
  • Hours are correctly recorded and totaled for each day and for the month.
  • The appropriate signatures and dates are at the bottom of each form.

If you have questions about submitting a student employment job description, call Heather McLean at ext. 2628. 

Please call Gail Pateros at x2298 with any other questions.