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A celebration of spirituality

September 1, 2010

Spirit Fest hits Chapin Quad this Saturday, Sept. 4 from 12:30-4 p.m.

"This year we're starting off with a party,” says Bill Conover, director of the Spiritual Life Program. “A celebration of the myriad ways people express their spirituality here at Beloit.”

With a full slate of performances and workshops and booths representing all the spiritual and religious student clubs on campus, Spirit Fest promises to be the best opportunity all semester for new students and returners alike to discover where they might connect. 

"For performers, we've got everything from belly dancing and a martial arts demo to student bands, modern dancers and Professor Fran Abbate and Devon Armstrong'12 reading some of their poetry," says Conover.  “We’re guessing other folks will be inspired to show off their spiritual expressions, too, so we’re leaving open a nice window of time for open mike.”

Students will also be able to stroll among the booths of such longstanding clubs as Pagan Fellowship, Am Yisrael-Hillel, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Interfaith Club, and also chat with a group of Muslim students just getting organized and the brand new Secular Student Alliance.  Other booths will feature tarot readings, massage, and information about a host of upcoming activities and small groups sponsored by the Spiritual Life Program.  Rounding the afternoon out will be workshops where participants will be able to try out T’ai Chi and yoga, learn about astrology, and talk with Fran Abbate and Devon Armstrong about spirituality and poetry.

To learn more and read the bios of four very different Beloiters active in spiritual and religious life, visit the Spiritual Life Program's website.