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Get your Buc gear at the bookstore

September 1, 2010


09_01_gray_sweatshirtTurtle Creek Bookstore's showing off - and selling off - new merchandise this week, with one offer about to expire. The inside word is that the Champion sportswear offer (buy one, get the second for 1/2 off) will expire after this Saturday. If you're in the market for a tshirt, sweatshirt, or hat, the time to move is now. Peter Fronk, bookstore manager, says the Champion hooded sweatshirts are moving fast, but not as fast as the new blue and gold scarves and winter hats. Trendwatchers around town are no doubt predicting a very Harry Potter-esque winter fashion season as a result.

09_01_bookstore3Another items flying off the shelves: the tiny animal ornaments (all decked out in Beloit shirts) near the car stickers, and the Beloit College caps with the tan stitching. Fronk is expecting some new items to arrive shortly and new special offers - which may include discounts on Adidas and Jansport wear - to be coming in the near future.