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SECURITY UPDATE: Two students robbed, suspects apprehended

August 19, 2010


Two Beloit College students were robbed off campus yesterday (Wednesday) at approximately 6:30 p.m. on the east side of Horace White Park. The two students were apparently traveling with three other Beloit students when they were stopped by two men and their cell phones were taken. Thankfully, this was not a violent incident or armed robbery, and the suspects were apprehended quickly and arrested by Beloit Police. The stolen merchandise was also recovered.

Beloit College Security reminds the campus community to exercise caution when traveling on or off campus. Traveling in groups is always recommended. Campus Security offers 24-hour escorts on campus and routinely patrols the streets around campus. If you ever feel unsafe when on campus, call security at 608-363-2355 or utilize one of the college's outdoor emergency phones (see map). 

Additionally, in the interest of safety, the entire campus community is encouraged to promptly report suspicious activity whether on campus (call Security at ext. 2355) or off (the non-emergency Beloit Police number is 608-757-2244 and, in the event of off-campus emergencies, call 911).