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Making Critical Connections: Workshops on Teaching International Development in the Liberal Arts

August 6, 2010

Faculty members from Beloit and Colorado Colleges will organize two inter-linked workshops on teaching international development. The first workshop, to be held in January 2011, will bring together 10-12 ACM faculty from various disciplines to discuss and share their strategies on and experience with teaching development. The second workshop, scheduled for May 2011, will build upon the initial group of 10-12 by inviting the international education directors and/or service-learning liaisons from each of the partner institutions. Project leaders Jennifer Esperanza (anthropology, Beloit College) and Rachel Ellet (political science, Beloit College) identify the goals of both workshops as discussing how a liberal arts education can best be used to critically examine, approach, and engage in development topics/projects at both local and global levels; to examine effective means of providing students with an understanding of development that integrates various disciplinary perspectives and innovative teaching practices; and to find ways to integrate students' "venture" and hands-on experiences with theoretical issues of international and community development.

Posted: August 6, 2010