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Museum Mondays
Weekly Terrarium posts about the Logan Museum of Anthropology & the Wright Museum of Art.

The work of the Beloit College Museums is covered in a weekly feature we like to call "Museum Mondays". Keep up with the collections by perusing the rich content found in the posts below.


Museum Mondays (08.31.2015)

August 30, 2015 at 12:16 pm



As summer came to a close, the Wright Museum underwent significant renovations. Most notably, through a very generous donation and as part of the campus efforts to restore the Historic Core, the Wright’s 1929 single glazed windows have been replaced with energy efficient glazing. The new windows not only look great, but are guaranteed to provide better climate control--to the great relief of staff who will no longer need to wear their winter parkas inside the building. Additional touch ups included repairs to the roof and crown molding, as well as refacing the brick staircase.

After ISR thoroughly mapped the wireless potential in the building, they installed a series of new routers. Now, rather than chasing a good connection, these new upgrades to the wifi will mean that the Wright’s courtyard, galleries, and classrooms will be great hotspots. The upgraded wifi moves the Wright Museum towards its goal of a paperless and digital workplace.

As transformative as these two projects are, there are more to come. Plans are underway to replace the skylight of Wright Museum’s art studio, allowing for more UV protection while increasing the amount of natural light-- enhancing the drawing classes that take place there. And this semester the museum, partnering with the sustainability committee, will experiment with an LED lighting system in the South Gallery.