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Museum Mondays
Weekly Terrarium posts about the Logan Museum of Anthropology & the Wright Museum of Art.

The work of the Beloit College Museums is covered in a weekly feature we like to call "Museum Mondays". Keep up with the collections by perusing the rich content found in the posts below.


Last Exhibit of the Semester at the Logan Museum

December 11, 2014 at 5:28 pm

Museum Monday last oneProfessor Christi Clancy’s WRIT100 class (themed “This is the End”) has opened their class exhibit, “Face it, You're Basic (or Nah): The End of the Individual in Modern Times.” The exhibit explores how social media, consumerism, and racism affect individuality. The exhibit is open now in the Memorial Hall foyer on the Logan Museum of Anthropology’s first floor. The exhibit’s opening is the last official event in the semester-long series collectively known as the “Passenger Pigeon Project.” The Logan Museum’s passenger pigeon exhibit, A Shadow over the Earth: The Life and Death of the Passenger Pigeon, featuring the biology department’s very own passenger pigeon specimens, closed this past Sunday.