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Museum Mondays
Weekly Terrarium posts about the Logan Museum of Anthropology & the Wright Museum of Art.

The work of the Beloit College Museums is covered in a weekly feature we like to call "Museum Mondays". Keep up with the collections by perusing the rich content found in the posts below.


Student Exhibits at the Wright Museum of Art

November 20, 2014 at 4:22 pm

Musuem Monday Nov. 24If you’ve been to the Wright Museum lately, you have undoubtedly seen the Chinese ink-wash paintings by Master Zhang Jin adorning the courtyard and the North Gallery. Master Jin’s “Impression of TaiHang Mountain” was the focus of the honors term of Yikang Lou’14. Curating and installing an exhibit is no small task, as Lou quickly discovered. Toward that end, the staff of the Wright Museum would like to recognize the efforts of students who have coordinated, curated, and installed exhibits this semester.

Claire Aichholzer’15 curated and installed the Beloit and Vicinity exhibition over the summer. Claire was instrumental in coordinating the regional art competition, as well as designing the layout for the exhibit.

Musuem Monday Nov. 24Lauren Hartog’16 put together two case displays over the summer. One, still on display, is a survey of ivory objects from the Wright Museum’s collection spanning three different cultures. The second case display focused on posture in meditation, and Lauren is currently reworking the concept for an installation in the South Gallery during the spring semester.

Ellen Wanecke’15 curated a series of images from the German Expressionist movement as part of a special project. Using the initial research she created both individual labels and a larger catalog documenting the exhibit, as well as physically installing the work according to gallery standards. The prints are currently hung in the Hollensteiner Gallery, along the back wall.

Francesca Alfano’15 was tasked with using another portion of the Hollensteiner Gallery; a survey of the museum’s holdings of photographs. Franny chose an exhaustive selection from the museum’s daguerreotypes, silver gelatin prints, digital photographs, and even the small collection of Polaroid photographs.

Krista Barry’15 installed a seasonal case exhibit titled “A Haunting at the Wright” as well as designing the museum’s Halloween promotional postcard. Krista is currently working on an exhibit to be displayed in the spring/summer of 2015.

Katja Grober’16 was instrumental in exhibiting a series of new works from the contemporary artist Michiko Itatani. For this exhibit Katja researched the artist, the philosophers from whom she gains inspiration, and the critics who reacted to her work. She combined all of these aspects into an installation she coordinated, carefully determining every last detail, right down to the color of the gallery walls.

Musuem Monday Nov. 24Samantha Jacobi’16 is currently working on a small exhibit of the glass pieces from the collection of the Wright Museum, to be displayed in the foyer exhibit case. Though Sammy has proven to be quite the fabricator of collections shelving, this is her first, and hopefully not the last, foray into the front of the house.

Minyue Xia’15 is currently working on an exhibit of Chinese snuff bottles, choosing from the dozens of potential styles and materials in the collection of the Wright Museum.

Finally, museum staff would like to recognize visiting professor Nicki Werner’s intro to sculpture class for the exhibition #Benchtalk. This exhibit is the result of one assignment where the students, working in groups, fabricated benches of their own collective design.

#Benchtalk is currently on exhibit in the Neese Gallery, and visitors are encouraged to sit on the benches.