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New Student Days: Magician Mat Franco

Date: Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Time: 8:00 pm

Location: Wilson Theatre, Mayer Hall

Contact:, Contact: Jennifer Walsh 363-2301

Magician Mat Franco blends hilarious college humor with insanely shocking magic! A psychic Blow-up Doll surfs the crowd. A "compatibility test" predicts if students could be friends… or friends with benefits. And you won't believe what appears inside a SEALED package of ramen noodles! Mat's show creates a memorable experience that helps strengthen campus culture, creates excitement, and generates high attendance. Mat's show is adaptable for any campus setting! Franco's comedy magic is perfect for Family Weekends, Freshman Orientation, or as its own event!


Over the years, Mat has developed a unique performance style that blends college humor with shocking magic. He is recognized for creating interactive presentations for his audiences that allow for spontaneity and improvisation.

As a child, learning magic was always Mat's top priority. Growing up in Rhode Island, Mat's way of learning magic was by watching magicians on TV. He would videotape the shows and then study them for countless hours in great detail. At just 12 years old, after saving money from local shows, Mat traveled to Las Vegas to study and learn from some of magic's biggest names.

Just a few years later, Mat was invited back to Las Vegas as a teenager, being hired to perform at the Riviera Hotel and Casino as part of the Society of American Magicians National Convention. During his teen years, Mat won several awards from the magic community, by competing in statewide and national magic contests. Mat provides a high energy show complete with mind-blowing magic, music, spontaneous humor, and LOTS of audience participation.

This event is free and open to new students only.